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Brown Silencer


Brown Dog Tag Silencer


Brown Silencer.Brown Dog Tag Silencer. This Silicone Dog Tag Silencer will fit all standard and regulation size dog tags. These silencers will NOT fit the metal style but will fit our stainless steel types. Dog Tag Silencers are used to keep the dog tags from making noise when wearing more than one or to cover the edges with silicone band making it more comfort to wear. You can change the look of your dog tag by changing the color of the Dog Tag Silencer. We have a full collection of Colored Silicone Dog Tag Silencers in stock. You can see our full selection of dog tag silencer by clicking on this, Dog Tag Accessories or use the link on the left navigation. If you do not see a style or type you are looking for, please contact us by clicking the the Email Us button in the left navigation area. All Aluminum Dog Tags sold at Commemorative Dog Tags come with a rubber silencer except for blanks, camouflages, metal style tags and others. Order this as a replacement or extra silencer. Purchase extra color silencers.

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