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Commemorative Dog Tags
Military and First Reponders
Custom Engraved Dog Tags, Challenge Coins and more

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Custom Dog Tags

Custom Aluminum and Metal Dog Tags

We do custom work using our Polished Stainless Steel Dog Tag Blanks,which come in Polished Stainless, Black Stainless, Blue Stainless, Gold Stainless and Multi Color Stainless, Anodized Aluminum Dog Tag Blanks-14 colors, Nickel Plated and 24k Gold Plated Dog Tags. We are easy to work with and will try just about anything. Below are some of our custom dog tags we have made over the years. Our blanks are approximately 2" x 1-1/8". Other sizes available. Your custom dog tags wukk come with one dog tag, one jump ring, 30" ball chain and a 1" split key ring. Some will include our silicone dog tag silencers-20 colors available and some will comes with a Jewelers Polishing Cloth. . We can engrave on one side or both sides the blanks. On custom jobs, you can engrave one word, one sentence or 6 lines of text. We have 4 styles of Camouflage Dog Tag Blanks, 14 Colors of Anodized Aluminum dog tag blanks, 5 style Stainless Steel, New .070 Thick Highly Polished Stainless Steel tags in 4 colors, 24k Gold Plated dog tag blanks and Nickel Plated dog tag blanks to use for your custom idea or project. You can also use any stock part number and customize the back anyway you like. We will even make just one. Some of the dog tags below can be purchased, please email us with your request. We will be happy to help you design your idea for your special custom dog tag. Please email us if you have any question about how to get your custom dog tag made.Click to Email Us!

A Message in Metal, A Special Gift, A Lifetime of Memories.

Nickel Plated and Aluminum Dog Tags
Embry-Riddle 5k Run 2018

Our Nickel Plated dog tag has a brass core
so the text comes out gold color

Embry-Riddle 5k Run 2018

24k Gold Plated and Aluminum Dog Tags
Embry-Riddle 5k Run 2019

24K Gold Plated Dog Tag and
a Blue Anodized Aluminum

Embry-Riddle 5k Run

Blue Stainless Steel
Very Popular-.070 Thick

Mirrored Finish Blue Stainless Steel
.070 Thick and very popular.

Bartlett Police SWAT

Custom Stainless Steel Fireman dog Tag

Premium Stainless Steel ,070 thick, Rotary Engraved.

Firefighter Dog Tag Custom

Self Tucker Architects Memphis Tennessee

Premium Blue Stainless Steel .070 Thick Key Chain

Self Tucker Key Chain 2020

USAF Fighting Falcon

Mirror Finish Blue Stainless Steel Custom Design

Fighting Flacon F-16

USS Rainier AOE7

Rotary Engraved Stainless Steel Dog Tag
with the USS Rainier Logo

USS Rainier Ship



Custom Black Stainless Steel HGW Dog Tag

Premium Black Stainless Steel ,070 thick with Metal Emblem

HGW Dog Tag

Camouflage Dog Tag with Rolled Edges

This is an Aluminum Green Camouflage Dog Tag
with rolled edges. Rotary Engraved.

Green Camouflage Dog Tag

Memorial Dog Tag for Port Orange
Police Officer 2021

Premium Blue Stainless Steel .070 thick dog tag.
A Message in Metal. A Lifetime of Memories

Justin White Port Orange Police Officer


Stainless Steel Air Force SNCO
Custom Engraved Dog Tags

Stainless Steel .030 thick Custom Engraved and Polished.

Air Force SNCO Dog Tag



Our Nickel Plated Brass Core Dog Tag

Our Nickel Plated dog tag has a brass base metal
which gives the engraving the unique gold color

Information System Technician

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Custom Dog Tag

 Rotary Engraved Stainless Steel and Aluminum Dog Tag. Included 30 inch ball chain and 1 inch split key ring.

Fort Meade Stainless Steel

Custom Stainless Steel Dog Tag

Stock Stainless Steel Dog Tags
with Custom Engraving on the back.

Air Force SNCO Dog Tag

Premium Stainless Steel .070 thick

Beautiful Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Dog Tag
on a 2.4mm Stainless Steel Ball chain

Navy Retired Chief Dog Tag

Barns & Brower Inc

Custom Stainless Steel Key Chain


Barns & Brower General Contractors

Navy Key Chain with Custom Engraving on Back

Custom Key Chains for USS Mount Olympus last reunion

Navy Custom Key Chain


Stainless Tag with Chain and Key Ring

Cut om Stainless Steel Key Chain

Self Tucker Architects

Custom Black Aluminum Dog Tag

Black Anodized Aluminum Dog Tag
rotary engraved with Red Camo Silencer

Black Anodized Aluminum Dog Tag

Premium Black Stainless Steel- .070 Thick

We have Black, Blue, Gold, Colorful and highly Polished Stainless Steel tags.

Premium Grossy Black Stainless Steel Dog Tag

A Message In Metal. A Lifetime of Memories

8 Line of text on our Premium Mirror Polished Stainless Steel.

My Brother My Friend

A Message in Metal Dog Tag

A Message To My Son

A Message in Metal. A Lifetime of Memories

Custom Stainless Steel Dog Tag

Gold Stainless Steel

A Message in Metal. A Lifetime of Memories

Gold Stainless Steel Fireman Dog Tag

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

Polished Stainless Steel with Emblem

Custom Stainless Steel Navy Dog Tag


Rotary Engraved Stainless Steel

Army E6 Veteran Dog Tag

Rotary Engraved Stainless Steel

Kneeling Fireman Right

Red Aluminum Dog Tag with Black Silencer

Anodized Red Aluminum Dog Tag

Premium Black Stainless Steel Rotary Engraving and Metal emblems

Memorial Dog Tag


Multi Color Stainless Steel Rotary Engraved

Atlantic High School

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